Effective processes of written, oral, and visual technical communication, including collaborative processes. Writing for academic and professional audiences.

Course Details

Carries GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication credit.
You should have already taken a first-year writing course, such as WRTG 150: Writing and Rhetoric.
Course Outline
Module 1: Professionalism and Writing Process
Module 2: Workplace Genres: Memos and Emails
Module 3: Document Design
Module 4: Persuasive Genres
Module 5: Workplace Genres: Resumes and Letters
Module 6: Research Topics
Module 7: How to Research
Module 8: Other Genres: Reports
Module 9: Other Genres: Instructions and Descriptions
Module 10: Multimedia Communication-Poster
Module 11: Multimedia Communication-Presentation
Module 12: Research Rough Draft
Module 13: Research Rough Draft
Module 14: Literature Review
Module 15: Research Final Draft