Writing characteristic of disciplines that inquire into human behavior and institutions; correspondence, proposals, library paper, empirical research, and reviews.

Course Details

Carries GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication credit.
Completion of first-year writing (WRTG 150 or equivalent); you must be familiar with standards of college-level research and writing.
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction and Writing in the Social Sciences
Module 2: Writing Processes
Module 3: Writing for General Audiences
Module 4: Applying for Jobs & Graduate Schools
Module 5: Design
Module 6: Writing Tools
Module 7: Style
Module 8: Writing for Academic Audiences
Module 9: Discussing & Citing Sources
Module 11: Planning Literature Reviews
Module 12: Writing Literature Reviews
Module 13: Crafting Proposals
Module 14: Presentations
Module 15: Wrapping Up & Looking Forward
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The Publication Manual of APA, 7th Edition (Optional)
by: American Psychological Association
ISBN: 9781433832178
2020 American Psychological Association
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