Expository and persuasive writing focusing on practical reasons for evaluating audiences, generating and structuring an argument, and making stylistic decisions. Library research paper.

Course Details

Carries BYU GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication credit.
First-year college writing (WRTG 150). You should be familiar with standards of college-level research and writing.
Course Outline
Module 01: Understanding Others' Perspectives Module 02: Understanding Rhetoric and Argument
Module 03: Creating a Rhetorical Analysis
Module 04: Inventing an Argument
Module 05: Researching for Persuasion
Module 06: Personal Argument
Module 07: Conventions
Module 08: Current Issues Argument
Module 09: Arranging an Argument
Module 10: Style
Module 11: Policy Argument
Module 12: Policy Argument Drafting
Module 13: Revising and Expanding an Argument
Module 14: Working through the Final Expansion and Revision of an Argument
Module 15: Final Oral Communication and Presentation