Graphical displays and numerical summaries, data collection methods, probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing involving one or two means and proportions, contingency tables, correlation and simple linear regression.

Course Details

NO RESUBMISSION ON ANY ASSIGNMENT. Students will need access to a spreadsheet program (Excel, Google, OpenOffice, etc.) as well as a basic calculator with a square-root function... graphing calculators are not allowed on exams.
MATH 110 (College Algebra) is recommended. A person taking STAT 121 without having taken College Algebra will find the course much more difficult than those who have.
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction/Overview
Module 2: Producing Data
Module 3: Experiment Design and Distributions
Module 4: Probability and Normal Distribution
Module 5: Normal Probability Distributions and the Standard Normal Distribution
Module 6: Central Limit Theorem, X-Bar, Statistical Process Control, Inference
Module 7: 1-Sample t Test for Means
Module 8: 1-Sample z Procedures for Proportions
Module 9: Relationships and Inference for C to Q Relationships
Module 10: Inference for C to C Relationships
Module 11: Correlation and Regression
Module 12: Inference for Q to Q Relationships
CMU OLI Statistical Reasoning ebook (Required)
Packet: STAT 121 Printed notes- Supplementary Course Materials (Optional)
ISBN: 9780700306688