Continuation of SPAN 101. Fundamentals of Spanish, emphasizing communication.

Course Details

SPAN 102 is a pass/fail course. You will receive a P (pass) or E (fail) on your transcript, not a letter grade. Please see the syllabus for more information.
Students must have a headset/mic, webcam, and speakers to complete required speaking appointments. For optimal connection speeds during speaking appointments, it is recommended to use a hardwired, high-speed Internet connection during the appointment. Access to a printer/scanner may be useful.
The materials fee in this course covers access to the textbook (online) and the online lab. You do not need to purchase a textbook, but you may purchase a hardcopy text if you wish.
SPAN 101 (Foundational Spanish 1) or equivalent.
Course Outline
Capítulo 07: ¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?
Capítulo 08: ¿Cuáles son tus tradiciones?
Capítulo 09: ¿Dónde trabajas?
Capítulo 10: ¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?
Capítulo 11: ¿Cómo es tu salud?
Capítulo 12: Buen viaje