Play is an essential element for children’s growth, development, and learning; both therapeutic aspects and learning objectives of play in infants, children, and youth are examined.

Course Details

This course also fulfills a curriculum requirement for certification set forth by the Association for Child Life Professionals (ACLP), the certifying entity for the child life profession. You will need equipment to record (video and audio) play demonstrations.
It is highly recommended that students taking this course have taken SFL 210 and SFL 359 (Child Life in Healthcare Settings) but is not required.  
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Comparing Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy
Lesson 2: Therapeutic Play Modalities
Lesson 3: Child-Centered Play
Lesson 4: Play as Communication
Lesson 5: Involving Parents in Play
Lesson 6: Supporting Family Roles Through Play
Lesson 7: Facilitating Healing Through Play
Lesson 8: Structure and Limit Setting During Play
Lesson 9: Therapeutic Relationships
Lesson 10: Issues and Common Problems During Therapeutic Play
Lesson 11: Creating a Play Environment
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