Processes and sequences of social development across childhood.

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You will need to rent, buy, or stream the movie Lost and Found: The Story of Romania's Forgotten Children, directed by Joshua Seftel. Documentary Educational Resources, 1991.
SFL 210, SFL 290
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Questions and Controversies Regarding Social Development: An Introduction
Lesson 2: Theories of Social Development
Lesson 3: Early Social Development—Emotions and Temperament as Building Blocks of Personality
Lesson 4: Attachment
Lesson 5: Development of the Self
Lesson 6: Achievement Motivation
Lesson 7: Sex Differences, Gender Typing, and Sexuality
Lesson 8: The Underpinnings and Effects of Aggressive Behavior in Children
Lesson 9: The Underpinnings of Altruistic and Prosocial Behavior in Children
Lesson 10: The State of the Family and Child Social Development
Lesson 11: Direct and Indirect Influences of Parents on Children’s Social Development
Lesson 12: Sibling, Familial, and Marital Influences on Children’s Social Development—Divorce and Remarriage
Lesson 13: Child Abuse and Children’s Social Development
Lesson 14: Media Influences on Children’s Social Development
Lesson 15: Peer Relations and School Adjustment—School-based Interventions to Counter Social Difficulties
Lesson 16: Peer Relations
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