Understanding family resiliency and building family strengths in normative transitions (birth, death, job) and nonnormative transitions (divorce, disability, remarriage, poverty, violence). Developing familial, social, religious, and instrumental resources to adapt positively to these transitions.

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SFL 101 & STAT 121 & SFL 290; SFL 160 or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Family Stress and Coping–The ABC-X Model of Family Stress
Lesson 2: Daily Hassles and the Vulnerability Stress Adaptation Model
Lesson 3: Family Resilience Framework
Lesson 4: Parenting and Adoption
Lesson 5: Families with Special Needs
Lesson 6: Step Families
Lesson 7: Divorce
Lesson 8: Economic and Work-Family Stress
Lesson 9: Child Maltreatment
Lesson 10: Intimate Partner Violence
Lesson 11: Death, Dying, and Grief in Families, Including Suicide
Lesson 12: Veteran and Military Families
Lesson 13: Aging and Caregiving
Lesson 14: LGBTQ-Parent Families
Lesson 15: Immigrant Families
Lesson 16: Physical and Mental Illness and Families
Lesson 17: Helping Families
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Families & Change: Coping with Stressful Events and Transitions- 5th Edition (Required)
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ISBN: 9781483366753
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