Conception, prenatal development, pregnancy. Physical, cognitive, and social development of the first twenty-four months. Implications for guidance and care in the family.

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SFL 101 (Introduction to School of Family Life) & STAT 121 (Principles of Statistics) & SFL 290 (Critical Inquiry and Research Methods); SFL 210 (Human Development) or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline
Lesson 1 Why Study Infancy? An Introduction
Lesson 2 Methodological Approaches to Studying Infants
Lesson 3 Prenatal Growth and Development
Lesson 4 Understanding Prenatal Influences on Development
Lesson 5 The Miracle of Birth
Lesson 6 The Amazing Neonate
Lesson 7 Nervous System and Brain Development
Lesson 8 Sensory and Perceptual Development
Lesson 9 Motor Development
Lesson 10 Cognition, Learning, and Intelligence
Lesson 11 Language Development
Lesson 12 Temperament, Emotions, and the Self
Lesson 13 The Significance of Early Relationships
Lesson 14 Babies of Today and Tomorrow
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