Introduction to time value of money, budgeting, saving, credit, taxes, housing, insurance, and investing emphasizing practical application in the home.

Course Details

SFL 260 fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for the University Core courses. You will need access to HP 10bII+ Calculator (or other calculators with TVM financial capabilities (e.g., Other HP calculators, TI BA II+, TI-83, TI-84, etc.). You can purchase the textbook for $20 at the BYU Store website
Course Outline
Module 1 - Time Value of Money (TVM)
Module 2 - Budgeting, Net Worth, and More
Module 3 - Cash Management and More
Module 4 - Credits and Loans
Module 5 - Tax Planning
Module 6 - Risk Management and Insurance
Module 7 - Buy a Car
Module 8 - Buying a Home
Module 9 - Investing for the Long Term
Module 10 - Retirement Planning
Module 11 - Tips for Frugal Living
Module 12 - Work and Family & Family and Finances
Module 13 - Children and Money & Consecration
Module 14: Projects and Assignments
BYU Store Vital Source (eBook) Amazon* Library
Fundamentals of Family Finance: Living Joyfully within Your Means 2nd Edition (Required)
by: E. Jeffrey Hill, PhD, Bryan L. Sudweeks, PhD
ISBN: 9781614210160
2016 BYU Academic Publishing
Purchase from: $19.99
Get a financial life personal finance in your twenties and thirties (Required)
by: Beth Kobliner
ISBN: 9781476782386
2017 Simon & Schuster
Rental: $4.22
New: $16.99
Purchase from: $13.99
Collectible from $11.00
Used from $1.00
New from $10.95
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