Basics of using a sewing machine for making apparel.

Course Details

Students must have access to a sewing machine. Student-supplied materials are required.
Course Outline
Module 1: Parts of the Machine, Threading Machine/Bobbin
Module 2: Serger, Pressing, & Stitching Basics
Module 3: Taking Body Measurements/Fiber to Fabric/Patterns/Cutting/Marking & Seam Finishes, Casings
Module 4: Length Alterations & Darts, Pleats, Gathers
Module 5: Circumference Alterations, Zippers, Interfacing
Module 6: Waistband, Fasteners, & Hemming
Module 7: Seam Refinements, Skirt Alterations, & Layout
Module 8: Skirt/Jogger Cutting, Marking, Staystitching, and Interfacing
Module 9 & 10: Skirt Darts/Pleats/Gathers & Zipper
Module 11: Skirt Hemming & Collar Sample
Module 12: Shirt Alter, Layout, Cut, Mark, Staystitch, and Interface
Module 13: Shirt Shoulder Seams, Fit Check, Side Seams, & Facing/Collar
Module 14: Shirt Sleeves, Buttons/Buttonholes, & Hem
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