Ways of strengthening family life by understanding such family processes as generations, emotions, communication, and rituals.

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Course Outline
Module 01: Introduction to Family Processes
Module 02: Studying the Family
Module 03: Family Systems Theory/Family Life Course Theory
Module 04: Symbolic Interaction and Social Construction Theory
Module 05: Family Paradigms and Ideologies
Module 06: Family Rules, Rituals and Routines
Module 07: Midcourse Exam
Module 08: Healthy Communication and Conflict in Families
Module 09: Family Stress
Module 10: Family Finances
Module 11: Attachment & Emotional Intimacy
Module 12: Physical Intimacy-Becoming One in Marriage
Module 13: Gender and Family Life
Module 14: Final Exam
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Marriages and Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths 8th Edition (Required)
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ISBN: 978-0078026928
2013 McGraw Hil
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