The calling and doctrinal contributions of Joseph Smith as well as the significance of modern scripture including key sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. Also includes the establishment, organization, doctrine, and practices of the Church today.

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Course Outline
Module 1: Understanding Latter-day Saint Doctrine and History
Module 2: The First Vision
Module 3: The Book of Mormon
Module 4: Restoration of the Priesthood and the Founding of the Church
Module 5: History and Purpose of the Doctrine and Covenants
Module 6: Additional Restoration Scripture
Module 7: Zion, Gathering of Israel, and the Law of Consecration
Module 8: Kirtland Revelations
Module 9: Kirtland Opposition and Missouri Expulsion
Module 10: Nauvoo
Module 11: Eternal Marriage and Plural Marriage
Module 12: Martyrdom, Succession, and the Western Exodus
Module 13: Official Declarations and Modern Revelation
Module 14: The Restitution of All Things
Online access to the LDS Scripture Library (Required)