A study of the teachings and doctrine of the Book of Mormon with emphasis on the Savior's ministry.

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Course Outline
Module 1: Abiding by the Precepts and the Plan of Salvation
Module 2: The Plates and Translation
Module 3: Exegesis, Eisegesis, and Finding Patterns
Module 4: Authors, Redactors, and Covenants
Module 5: Lehi's Dream and the Atonement
Module 6: The Fall and Agency
Module 7: Faith in Christ and Repentance
Module 8: Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost
Module 9: Enduring to the End and Women in the Book of Mormon
Module 10: Zenos's Allegory of the Olive Trees and King Benjamin's Speech
Module 11: Abinadi and Alternate Theologies
Module 12: Alma's Teachings
Module 13: Samuel the Lamanite and the Visitation of Christ
Module 14: Zion and Revelation
Module 15: The Jaredites and Moroni's Promise
Bible (Required)
Book of Mormon (Required)
Doctrine and Covenants (Required)
Pearl of Great Price (Required)