Historical background, narrative, and doctrines of the Old Testament. Covers 1 Kings through Malachi.

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Access to the King James Version of The Holy Bible can be found at churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures
Course Outline
Lesson 1: King Solomon and the Lord’s Temple
Lesson 2: Wisdom Literature
Lesson 3: A Divided Kingdom
Lesson 4: Elijah, the Prototypical Prophet
Lesson 5: Elisha, Elijah's Chosen Successor
Lesson 6: Preaching to the North
Lesson 7: The Fall of Israel
Lesson 8: Understanding Isaiah and His World
Lesson 9: Prophecies and Themes of Isaiah
Lesson 10: Micah and Joel
Lesson 11: The Fall of Judah
Lesson 12: Jeremiah’s Mission and Message
Lesson 13: Ezekiel
Lesson 14: Daniel
Lesson 15: Return to Judah