Historical background, narrative, and doctrines of the New Testament. Covers the life and teachings of Jesus Christ set forth in the four Gospels.

Course Details

Satisfies the Brigham Young University core New Testament requirement. Access to the King James Version of The Holy Bible can be found at churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures
Course Outline
  1. Historical Background
  2. The Coming of the Savior
  3. The Preparation
  4. Miracles
  5. The Sermon on the Mount
  6. The Early Parables
  7. The Bread of Life and the Great "I Am"
  8. Testimony, Transfiguration, and Keys
  9. The Cost of Discipleship
  10. The Savior's Last Week
  11. Matthew 24-25
  12. The Last Supper
  13. The Atonement
  14. The Resurrection