Design and composition as applied to development of residential grounds.

Course Details

Students will need to purchase basic drafting tools and supplies, as well as be able to create clear, large (at least 24" x 36"), high-resolution images of their work. An assignment and the portfolios must be submitted by mail as hardcopies.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Introduction to Landscape Design
Lesson 2: Design Graphics: The Language of Landscape Design
Lesson 3: Outdoor Rooms
Lesson 4: The Landscape Design Process
Lesson 5: Great Landscape Designers
Lesson 6: Gardens of the World
Lesson 7: Resident Inventory
Lesson 8: The Site Analysis
Lesson 9: Art and Landscape Design
Lesson 10: Functional Diagrams
Lesson 11: Landscape Form Composition
Lesson 12: Introduction to Landscape Plants
Lesson 13: Woody Plants: Trees
Lesson 14: Shrubs, Ornamental Grasses, and Vines
Lesson 15: Softscaping the Ground Plane: Flowers, Ground Covers, Mulches, and Lawns
Lesson 16: Landscape Design: The Third Dimension
Lesson 17: The Master Plan
Other Materials
Digital TextRequiredResidential Landscape Design – Garden, Landscape and Project Plans. Digital version of text $8.75