Basic physiological, anatomical, and chemical foundations of psychology.

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Introduction to Psychological Science (PSYCH 111) and Writing Within Psychology (PSYCH 307); Psychological Research Design and Analysis (PSYCH 310) or Neurobiology (NEURO 205); or equivalents
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Behavioral Neurobiology
Module 2: Neuroanatomy
Module 3: Introduction to Neurons, Synapses, & Neurotransmitters
Module 4: Methods in Behavioral Neurology
Module 5: Vision
Module 6: Somatosensation and Motor Control
Module 7: Brain Damage and Repair
Module 8: Memory
Module 9: Eating
Module 10: Sex Differences
Module 11: Sleep
Module 12: Drugs and Addiction
Module 13: Language and Lateralization
Module 14: Psychiatric Disorders
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Biopsychology 10th edition (Required)
by: John P.J. Pinel; Steven Barnes
ISBN: 9780134203690
2018 Pearson
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