Individual patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion; personality theories and their associated strategies of research, assessments, and personality change.

Course Details

Contains content featured in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
PSYCH 307 (Writing within Psychology) & PSYCH 309 (Psychological Testing) & PSYCH 310 (Psychological Research Design and Analysis); or instructor's consent.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Introduction to Personality Theory
Lesson 2: Freud
Lesson 3: Adler
Lesson 4: Jung
Lesson 5: Skinner/Behaviorism
Lesson 6: Allport/Traits 1
Lesson 7: Traits 2
Lesson 8: Development
Lesson 9: Cognitive Behaviorism
Lesson 10: Cognitive Humanism
Lesson 11: Rogers' Humanism
Lesson 12: Existentialism
Lesson 13: Theistic Perspectives
Lesson 14: Buddhist Perspectives