Physical, mental, emotional, and social development of the child.

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Contains content featured in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
PSYCH 307 (Writing within Psychology) & PSYCH 309 (Psychological Testing) & PSYCH 310 (Psychological Research Design and Analysis); or instructor's consent.
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Lesson 1: Conceptual Foundations of Child Development Lesson 2: Research Methods in Child Psychology Lesson 3: Prenatal Development Lesson 4: The Birth Process Lesson 5: Biological and Genetic Bases of Development Lesson 6: Neurological and Cortical Development Lesson 7: Piagetian and Information Processing Approaches to Cognitive Development Lesson 8: Recent Theoretical Orientations to Cognitive Development Lesson 9: Perceptual and Motor Development in Infancy Lesson 10: Learning in Infancy and Early Childhood Lesson 11: Early Communicative and Language Development Lesson 12: Language Development from the 1st-Year and Beyond Lesson 13: Formation of Concepts and Categories Lesson 14: Causality and Conceptual Development of Physical and Psychological Phenomena Lesson 15: Intellectual Development Lesson 16: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Development Lesson 17: Psychoanalytic and Learning Approaches to Social Development Lesson 18: Ethological/Evolutionary, Bio-ecological Models of Social Development Lesson 19: Emotional Development Lesson 20: Temperament Lesson 21: Attachment and the Development of the Self Lesson 22: Identity, Sexual Identity and Self Esteem Lesson 23: The Family Lesson 24: The Family and Divorce Lesson 25: Peers-Friendships and Peers in Groups Lesson 26: Status in the Peer Group and the Role of Parents in Social Development
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