Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis and hypothesis testing applied to psychological research data.

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You will need access to Microsoft Word and Excel for this course.
College algebra, Psych 101, Psych 111, Psych 210, and Psych 307
Course Outline
Chapter 1: Asking and Answering Research Questions
Chapter 2: Research Fundamentals: Don't Fool Yourself
Chapter 3: Picturing and Describing Data
Chapter 4: The Normal Distribution and Sampling
Chapter 5: Confidence Intervals and Effect Sizes
Chapter 6: p Values, Null Hypothesis Significance Testing, and Confidence Intervals
Chapter 7: The Independent Groups Design
Chapter 8: The Paired Design
Chapter 9: Meta-Analysis
Chapter 10: Open Science and Planning Research
Chapter 11: Correlation
Chapter 12: Regression
Chapter 13: Frequencies, Proportions, and Risk
Chapter 14: Extended Designs: One Independent Variable
Chapter 15: Extended Designs: Two Independent Variables
Chapter 16: Future Directions
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Introduction to the New Statistics: Estimation, Open Science, & Beyond. (Required)
by: G Cumming and R Calin-Jageman
ISBN: 9781138825529
2016 Routledge
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