Processes of research-oriented writing and presentation for psychology majors.

Course Details

PSYCH 101, PSYCH 111, and WRTG 150 (or its equivalent).
Course Outline
Lesson 1. Writing Better
Lesson 2. Searching Efficiently
Lesson 3. Meaning in a Literature Review
Lesson 4. Drafting Your Literature Review, Roughly
Lesson 5. Midcourse Essays
Lesson 6. Between Drafts
Lesson 7. Refinement on Display: The Intermediate Draft
Lesson 8. Finally
Lesson 9. Presenting, Your Review!
Lesson 10. Final Essays
Vital Source (eBook) Amazon* Library
Effective writing in psychology- 2nd Edition (Required)
by: B . C. Beins and A. M. Beins
ISBN: 9780470672440
2012 Wiley-Blackwell
Purchase from: $39.95
New from $42.00
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association- 6th Edition (Required)
by: American Psychological Association
ISBN: 9781433805615
2009 American Psychological Association
Used from $14.88
New from $27.10
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