Overview of psychological thinking from Ancient Greece to the present. Emphasizes a critical stance toward the assumptions and implications of major psychological theories.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: Pre-scientific Psychology
Lesson 2: Physiology, Psychophysics, and the Science of Mind
Lesson 3: Germany and the Birth of a New Science
Lesson 4: Origins of Scientific Psychology in America
Lesson 5: The Early Schools of American Psychology
Lesson 6: The Birth of the New Applied Psychology in America
Lesson 7: Psychoanalysis
Lesson 8: Behaviorism
Lesson 9: The New Profession of Psychology
Lesson 10: A Psychology of Social Action and Social Change
Lesson 11: Cognitive Psychology
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A brief history of modern psychology- 2nd Edition (Required)
by: L. T Benjamin Jr.
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2014 Wiley
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Walden Two (Required)
by: B. F. Skinner's
ISBN: 9780872207783
2005 Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
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