Western civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance, primarily from perspective of political philosophy and scriptures; exploring fundamental questions in human experience; examining formative events in history; understanding value of important texts.

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This course and any 202 course together fulfill Brigham Young University's core History of Civilization requirement.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Education and Modern Society
Lesson 2: The Greeks and the Origins of Philosophy
Lesson 3: The Problem of Socrates
Lesson 4: Plato's Republic: The Founding of Political Philosophy
Lesson 5: Aristotle's Ethics and Politics
Preparing for the Midcourse Exam
Lesson 6: Hellenistic Thought
Lesson 7: Rome
Lesson 8: Athens and Jerusalem
Lesson 9: Augustine's Two Cities
Lesson 10: Thomas Aquinas's Aristotelian Christianity
Lesson 11: The Modern Appropriation of Christian Universalism: Power without Purpose
Lesson 12: Reason, Agency, and Atonement
Preparing for the Final Exam
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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Required)
by: Aristotle, Bartlett, and Collins
ISBN: 9780226026756
2012 University of Chicago Press
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Republic of Plato (Required)
by: Plato, Bloom
ISBN: 9780465069347
1991 Basic Books
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