Basic forces, practices, institutions, and foreign policies of major powers; problem areas in international politics.

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Course Outline
Unit 1: International Relations and History
Unit 2: Theory
Unit 3: From Westphalia to World War I
Unit 4: The Failure of Collective Security and World War II
Unit 5: The Cold War
Unit 6: Conflict and Cooperation in the Post-Cold War World (Part 1)
Unit 7: Flashpoints
Unit 8: Conflict and Cooperation in the Post-Cold War World (Part 2)
Unit 9: International Cooperation
Unit 10: Christian and Other Views on International Morality
Unit 11: Globalization and Interdependence
Unit 12: The Information Revolution and Transnational Actors
Unit 13: The Future
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Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation, 10th ed. (Required)
by: Joseph S. Nye, Jr. and David A. Welch
ISBN: 9780134404998
2017 Pearson
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