Continuation of PHSCS 105. Topics include electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, and optics.

Course Details

BYU Independent Study does not offer Applied Physics Laboratories. If students require a physics laboratory, it is recommended that they enroll concurrently in an introductory applied physics laboratory at their local college, in which case they will need to correlate the topics covered in their laboratory with those in this course.
The exams are only available to be taken in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.
PHSCS 105 (Introductory Applied Physics) or equivalent skill.
Course Outline
  1. Electric Forces and Electric Fields
  2. Electric Energy and Capacitance
  3. Current and Resistance
  4. Direct Current Circuits
  5. Magnetism
  6. Induced Voltage and Inductance
  7. Alternating Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves
  8. Reflection and Refraction of Light
  9. Mirrors and Lenses
  10. Wave Optics
  11. Optical Instruments
  12. Relativity
  13. Quantum Physics
  14. Atomic Physics
  15. Nuclear Physics
  16. Nuclear Energy and Elementary Particles


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ISBN: 9780030035623
1991 Saunders
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