Analyzing and constructing both deductive and non-deductive arguments; formal methods for evaluating deductive arguments; practical applications of critical thinking, including recognizing biases and avoiding fallacies.

Course Details

Satisfies Brigham Young University core Quantitative Reasoning requirement.
Course Outline
  1. Arguments
  2. Truth, Validity, and Soundness
  3. Refutations and Proofs
  4. Categorical Statements
  5. Syllogisms
  6. Categorical Equivalences and Syllogistic Proofs
  7. Truth-Functional Symbolism
  8. Truth-Tables
  9. Validity of Truth-Functional Arguments
  10. Implication and Equivalence
  11. Truth-Functional Proofs
  12. Truth-Functional Proofs Continued
  13. Quantification Symbolism
  14. Relations
  15. Quantification Proofs
  16. Inductive Arguments
  17. Fallacies
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