Food-oriented study of nutritional facts and principles as a basis for dietary choices; consequences of choices; scientifically examining controversial topics.

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Module 1: Nutrition, Food Choices, and Health Module 2: Designing a Healthy Eating Pattern Module 3: The Human Body, A Nutrition Perspective Module 4: Carbohydrates Module 5: Lipids Module 6: Proteins Module 7: Energy Balance and Weight Control Module 8: Vitamins Module 9: Water and Minerals Module 10: Nutrition—Fitness and Sports Module 11: Eating Disorders Module 12: Protecting Our Food Supply Module 13: Nutrition during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Module 14: Nutrition from Infancy through Adolescence Module 15: Nutrition during Adulthood
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Wardlaw's Contemporary Nutrition with Connect software (Required)
by: Anne M. Smith
ISBN: 9781260790030
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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