This beginning ukulele course introduces students to the ukulele, a fun, portable, and affordable instrument popular since its creation in the nineteenth century. In addition to being enjoyable, learning how to play the ukulele provides an understanding of the mechanics of stringed, fretted instruments, making it easier to learn other instruments such as guitar, bass, mandolin, and banjo.

Course Details

Must have daily access to a playable ukulele, a way to make a video recording of yourself playing a ukulele, and a webcam for appointments with the instructor.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Introduction to the Ukulele Unit 2: Playing Chords Unit 3: Reading and Playing Rhythms
Unit 4: Reading and Playing Tablature
Unit 5: The Sound of Silence
Unit 6: Demystifying the Fretboard
Unit 7: From Chromatic to Diatonic
Unit 8: Building Harmony
Unit 9: Reading and Playing Standard Notation
Unit 10: More Strumming & Rhythms
Unit 11: From One Key to Another
Unit 12: From Major to Minor
Unit 13: Ukulele History