Complexities confronting U.S. firms and their management in international environments. Emphasizes functional and planning areas, including organization, market research, financial analysis.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: Globalization and International Business
Lesson 2: The Cultural Environments Facing Business
Lesson 3: The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business
Lesson 4: The Economic Environments Facing Businesses
Lesson 5: Globalization and Society
Lesson 6: International Trade and Factor Mobility Theory
Lesson 7: Governmental Influence on Trade
Lesson 8: Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements
Lesson 9: Global Foreign-Exchange Markets
Lesson 10: The Determination of Exchange Rates
Lesson 11: Global Capital Markets
Lesson 12: The Strategy of International Business
Lesson 13: Country Evaluation and Selection
Lesson 14: Export and Import
Lesson 15: Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies
Lesson 16: The Organization of International Business
Lesson 17: Marketing Globally
Lesson 18: Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management
Lesson 19: International Accounting and Finance Issues
Lesson 20: International Human Resource Management
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International Business: Environments and Operations (Required)
by: John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh & Daniel P. Sullivan
ISBN: 9780134200057
2018 Prentice Hall
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