Financial statement analysis, financial planning, sources of financing, working capital management, risk and return, and valuation.

Course Details

For nonmanagement majors. Students will be required to purchase an online textbook for $69.99. A business calculator that can compute time value of money (PV, FV, I/Y, N, and PMT capabilities) and uneven cash flows (NPV and IRR capabilities) is required. See the syllabus for suggested models.
ACC 200 (Principles of Accounting) or equivalent.
Course Outline
  1. An Introduction to Finance: Finance Fields, Careers, and the Big Picture
  2. Accounting and Financial Statement Review: A Finance Perspective
  3. Ratio Analysis: Financial Statement Analysis and Free Cash Flows
  4. Financial Forecasting: Pro Forma Statements and Cash Budgets
  5. The Time Value of Money: Compounding and Discounting
  6. Bond Valuation: Fixed Income Analysis
  7. Stock Valuation: Understanding Equity
  8. Capital Budgeting Decision Criteria: Payback, NPV, and IRR
  9. The Cost of Capital: WACC Attack
  10. Leverage: The Two-Edged Sword
  11. Risk and Return: The Key Trade-Off
  12. Capital Budgeting: Cash Flows and Other Topics
  13. Firm Valuation: Valuing the Whole Enchilada
  14. Entrepreneurial Finance: A New Perspective
  15. Personal Finance: Applications for Everyday Life
  16. Microfinance: Using Capitalism to Alleviate Poverty