Marketing's role in society and the firm, marketing opportunities, the consumer market, and management of marketing mix.

Course Details

For non-management majors. Students will need Internet access to complete this course, as it includes important material available only online. Please note: the textbook for this course is an Ebook. You will be required to pay a one time fee of $69 to access the ebook. (The ebook is not available through the BYU Bookstore)
Course Outline
Module 1: Marketing Strategy
Module 2: Marketing Environment & Global Marketing
Module 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility
Module 4: Marketing Research
Module 5: Marketing Analytics
Module 6: Consumer Behavior
Module 7: Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Module 8: Product Strategy and Branding
Module 9: Services Marketing
Module 10: Pricing Strategy
Module 11: Promotion Strategy
Module 12: Social Media Marketing
Module 13: Personal Selling and Sales Management
Module 14: Distribution Strategy
Module 15: Entrepreneurial Marketing
Other Materials
Marketing FundamentalsRequiredThe textbook, Marketing Fundamentals, is available through My Educator at the link for $70. Two text titles show at this link. You only need the Marketing Fundamentals text.