This online test preparation course prepares current and future teachers for each state’s secondary educational mathematics license exams, including the Praxis exam. Many states use the Praxis Mathematics: Content Knowledge Test developed by the Educational Testing Service; the remaining states administer their own version of this test. Upon completion of this course, teachers will have the knowledge and practice skills necessary to become effective secondary mathematics educators.

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Course Outline
Chapter 1: What To Expect When Taking Your Exam
Intro to Chapter 2
Chapter 2.1 Numbers and Number Theory
Chapter 2.2 Patterns, Functions, Relations, and Algebra
Chapter 2.3 Geometry, Scale, and Measurement
Chapter 2.4 Probability and Statistics
Chapter 2.5 Trigonometry and Calculus
Chapter 2.6 Miscellaneous Problems
Chapter 2.7 Potpourri
Chapter 3: Open-Response Questions