Developing written and oral communications for professional organizations, including composing and designing employment communications. Incorporates oral presentations.

Course Details

Fulfills BYU GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication requirement.
BYU GE First-Year Writing requirement. To be taken before senior year. Not for freshmen.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Key Principles in Communication
Lesson 2: Communications Basics Part I: Planning and Outlining Messages
Lesson 3: Communication Basics Part II
Lesson 4: Revising and Polishing Messages
Lesson 5: Grammar
Lesson 6: Business Correspondence
Lesson 7: Preparing Employment Communication
Lesson 8: Research Papers and Proposals
Lesson 9: Introduction to Problem-Solving
Lesson 10: Reports
Lesson 11: Visual Aids
Lesson 12: Creating and Delivering Presentations
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BYU CUSTOM - Writing & Speaking for Business 3E Black/White (Required)
by: William H Baker and Matthew J Baker
ISBN: 9780740933738
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