Western civilization from Renaissance to present from perspective of traditional humanistic values reflected in its arts and ideas. Examines fundamental questions about human experience, formative events in history, and value of important literary and artistic texts.

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Course Outline
Module 1 - Northern Europe: Renaissance and Reformation
Module 2 - The Tudor Age in England
Module 3 - Counter Reformation: The Baroque Era in Italy
Module 4 - Monarchs and Merchants: The Baroque Era Outside of Italy
Module 5 - Other Harmonies: Baroque Music, Philosophy, Science, and Literature
Module 6 - Excess and Enlightenment: On the Road to Revolution
Module 7 - Music and Literature in the 18th Century
Module 8 - From Revolution to Romanticism
Module 9 - Romanticism's Musical and American Landscape
Module 10 - Toward the Modern Era
Module 11 - The Fin de Siècle
Module 12 - In the Shadow of the Great War
Module 13 - Creation and Destruction : Art Before, During, and After WWII
Module 14 - The Contemporary Contour
Module 15 - Paper 3 Submission and Final Exam
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