Western civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance from perspective of traditional humanistic values reflected in its arts and ideas. Examines fundamental questions about human experience, formative events in history, and value of important literary and artistic texts.

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Module 1: Ancient Middle Eastern Cultures, Ancient Hebrew Culture & the Old Testament Module 2: Early Greek Art and Architecture, The Odyssey Module 3: Classical Greece and Hellenistic Period, Greek Drama: Oedipus the King Module 4: Greek Philosophy Module 5: Roman Art and Architecture, Roman Poetry Module 6: Roman Philosophy: Marcus Aurelius and Lucretius, Roman Theater: Plautus Module 7: Early Christianity, Augustine Module 8: Byzantium, The Early Middle Ages Module 9: Beowulf, The Middle Ages Module 10: Medieval Literature: Marie de France Module 11: Scholasticism and the Medieval University, The Fourteenth Century Module 12: Medieval Literature, Humanism and Petrarch Module 13: The Early Renaissance Module 14: The High Renaissance, Renaissance Literature: Machiavelli & Castiglione
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Culture and Values 9th edition (Required)
by: Lawrence S. Cunningham; John J. Reich; Lois Fichner-Rathus
ISBN: 9781337102667
2018 Cengage
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