Study of the arts emphasizing forms and relationships, the development of critical skills, and an awareness of traditional humanistic values.

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Course Outline
Module 1: Humanities Meaning and Purpose, Our Dual Nature
Module 2: The Creative Process, the Aesthetic Experience and the Critic’s Eye
Module 3: Judgment and the Critic’s Eye and Writing About the Arts
Module 4: Visual Arts—Compositional Elements and Mediums
Module 5: The Visual Arts—Biblical Scenes, Intro to Sculpture—The Basics, Michelangelo and Rodin
Module 6: Sculpture—Moore, Christo, and Jeanne Claude, Architecture—The Parthenon
Module 7: Architecture—Rome, Gothic through Modern
Module 8: Drama’s Greek Origins; Understanding the Character and Plot
Module 9: Drama—Shakespeare and Hamlet, “Sheerly Musical” Listening, The First Four
Module 10: The Final Four, Opera Basics
Module 11: Opera—The Mythic and the Modern, Broadway's Best
Module 12: Cracking the Code of IMR, From Early Days to Hollywood Craze, Post-War to Postmodern
Module 13: Sophic Ballet, Mantic Modern, Dance for Film
Module 14: Literature, The Personal Essay, Poetry as a Performing Art
Vital Source (eBook) Library
Coming to Your Senses (Required)
by: Jon D. Green
ISBN: 9780740933677
BYU Academic Publishing
Purchase from: $15.95