History of the Soviet Union and post-Soviet developments in Russia and other successor states; governing structures and ideology and the relationship between state and society.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: Imperial Origins and the February Revolution
Lesson 2: The October Revolution and the Russian Civil War
Lesson 3: The Tenth Party Congress and the Formation of the Soviet Union
Lesson 4: The New Economic Policy and Early Soviet Culture
Lesson 5: The Stalin Revolution
Lesson 6: The Great Terror and the Gulag
Lesson 7: Religion, Nationalism, and Foreign Policy in the 1930s
Lesson 8: The Great Patriotic War
Lesson 9: The Cold War and Late Stalinism
Lesson 10: The Khrushchev Era
Lesson 11: The Brezhnev Era
Lesson 12: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Lesson 13: The Post-Soviet Successor States
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A Soviet Memoir, translated by Deborah Kaple (Required)
by: Fyodor Mochulsky
ISBN: 9780199934867
2012 Oxford University Press
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Journey into the Whirlwind (Required)
by: Eugenia Ginzburg
ISBN: 9780156027519
2002 Mariner Books
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The Fur Hat (Required)
by: Vladimir Voinovich
ISBN: 9780156340304
1991 Mariner Books
New: $11.95
Used from $1.99
New from $10.90
The Soviet Experiment: Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States (2nd Edition) (Required)
by: Ronald Grigor Suny
ISBN: 9780195340558
2010 Oxford University Press
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