Political, economic, social, and cultural trends and events in Russian history to 1917.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: The Rise and Fall of Kievan Rus
Lesson 2: The Mongol-Tatar Yoke and the Triumph of Moscow
Lesson 3: Medieval Religion and Society
Lesson 4: Ivan the Terrible and the Time of Troubles
Lesson 5: The Early Romanovs and the Church Schism
Lesson 6: Peter the Great and His Successors
Lesson 7: Catherine the Great
Lesson 8: Religion, Society, and Economics in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Lesson 9: Alexander I and Nicholas I
Lesson 10: Imperial Society and Culture, 1796–1855
Lesson 11: The Great Reforms and the Socialist Movement
Lesson 12: The Late Russian Empire
Lesson 13: Late Imperial Culture, Religion, and Society
Lesson 14: Revolution, Repression, and World War
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A History of Russia: Volume 1: To 1917 (2nd Edition) (Required)
by: Walter G. Moss
ISBN: 9781843310235
2003 Anthem Press
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Hadji Murat (Required)
by: Leo Tolstoy
ISBN: 9780760773536
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Reinterpreting Russian History: Readings, 860-1860s (Required)
by: Donald H. Kaiser and Gary Marker
ISBN: 9780195078589
1994 Oxford University Press
New: $84.99
New from $56.53
Collectible from $65.59
Used from $20.12
Russia's People of Empire: Life Stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the Present (Required)
by: Stephen M. Norris and Willard Sunderland
ISBN: 9780253001832
2012 Indiana University Press
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