Pre-Columbian civilizations, Iberian exploration and conquest of the New World, and colonial development of Hispanic and Portuguese America from 1492 to 1823.

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Lesson 1: Before the Great Encounter: Native America
Lesson 2: Before the Great Encounter: Castile, Portugal, and Africa
Lesson 3: The Long Conquest: The Iberian Imperial Dawn and Native Empires
Lesson 4: The Long Conquest: The Chain of Conquest
Lesson 5: The Long Conquest: The Incomplete Conquest
Lesson 6: The Colonial Middle: Native and Black Communities
Lesson 7: The Colonial Middle: The Religious Renaissance
Lesson 8: The Colonial Middle: Defining Deviancy
Lesson 9: The Colonial Middle: Daily Life in the City and Country
Lesson 10: The Age of Change: War and Reform and Late Colonial Life
Lesson 11: The Age of Change: Independence
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Colonial Lives: Documents on Latin American History, 1550–1850 (Required)
by: Richard Boyer and Geoffrey Spurling
ISBN: 9780195125122
1999 Oxford University Press
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Latin America in Colonial Times (Required)
by: Matthew Restall and Kris Lane
ISBN: 9780521761185
2018 Cambridge University Press
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The Native Conquistador (Required)
by: Amber Brian and Bradley Benton and Pablo García Loaeza
ISBN: 9780271066851
2015 Penn State University Press
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Translated Christianities: Nahuatl and Maya Religious Texts (Required)
by: Mark Christensen
ISBN: 9780271063614
2014 Penn State University Press
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Digital TextRequiredConquest and colonialization of Latin America: Colonial Lives: Documents. Digital version of text $53.75