Industrialization, immigration, urbanization, political and social movements, and foreign policy.

Course Details

Students will be required to access, on their own, a historically and culturally significant film that was produced in the twentieth-century U.S., prior to 1990. See the syllabus for recommendations. and local libraries can be helpful in locating viewing options.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: The American West
Lesson 2: Capital and Labor in the Age of Enterprise, 1877-1900
Lesson 3: The Industrial City: Building It, Living It
Lesson 4: Politics in the Age of Enterprise
Lesson 5: The Progressive Era
Lesson 6: An Emerging World Power, 1877-1914
Lesson 7: War and the America State, 1914-1920
Lesson 8: Modern Times: 1920-1932
Lesson 9: Redefining Liberalism: The New Deal, 1933-1939
Lesson 10: The World at War, 1939-1945
Lesson 11: Cold War America, 1945-1960
Lesson 12: The Age of Affluence, 1945-1960
Lesson 13: The Liberal Consensus: Flaming Out, 1960-1968
Lesson 14: The 1970s: Toward a Conservative America
Lesson 15: The Reagan Revolution and a Dynamic Economy, a Divided People
Lesson 16: Into the Twenty-First Century
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America’s History, Volume 2 (6th Edition) (Required)
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ISBN: 9780312452865
2007 Bedford/St. Martin's
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Desert Exile (Required)
by: Uchida
ISBN: 9780295961903
1982 University of Washington Press
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The Autobiography of Malcolm X. (Required)
by: Malcolm X and Haley
ISBN: 9780345376718
1992 Ballantine Books
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The Jungle (Required)
by: Upton Sinclair
ISBN: 9780393977790
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