World civilization from Renaissance to present; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts.

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Satisfies Brigham Young University core Global and Cultural Awareness and Civilization 2 requirements.
Course Outline
1. Europe Conquers the Sea, and Little Else
2. Europe Discovers Modernity--First
3. Making the New World New
4. American Plantations and African Slaves
5. Gunpowder Empires: Globalization and Isolation
6. Industry's Revolutions
7. Liberty's Revolutions: Seeking Order amidst Freedom and Change
8. British Imperialism in Africa, India, and China
9. Power Plays and Technological Leaps
10. Imperialism's Last Frontiers (Things Fall Apart)
11. World War and European Attrition
12. Another World War; and Feminine Liberation
13. Seeking Independence and Breaking Dependence
14. The Cold War; and Nature Under Siege
15. Economic Development; and The Ebbing of the Human Tide
16. Portfolio Submission
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The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History. Volume II, Since 1500 (7th Edition) (Required)
by: Richard W. Bulliet
ISBN: 9781337401470
2019 Cengage
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Things Fall Apart (Required)
by: Chinua Achebe
ISBN: 9780385474542
Used: $10.50
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Purchase from: $9.99
Utopia (Required)
by: Thomas More
ISBN: 9780140449105
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