Old Testament Hebrew. Provides foundation in grammar and vocabulary; reading Hebrew prose texts in Bible.

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Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the exams are only available in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.

HEB 131 (First-Year Biblical Hebrew) or equivalent.
Course Outline
  1. Temporal Phrases and Clauses, Feminine Nouns with Pronominal Suffixes
  2. Infinitive Construct Verb Forms
  3. Imperfect Form of I-? Verbs
  4. I-? Verbs: Imperfect, Imperative, and Infinitive Construct States
  5. III-?Verbs: Infinitive Construct, Imperative, and Imperfect States
  6. Hollow Verbs: Imperfect, Imperative, Jussive, and Infinitive Construct States
  7. Geminate Verbs: Imperfect, Imperative, and Infinitive Construct States
  8. Passive Participle and Infinitive Absolute Verb Forms, Numbers 1-10
  9. Predicators of Existence, Joining Clauses
  10. הִנֵּה ,נָא, and the Adverb for "Yet," "Again," "Still," "Once More"
  11. Niphal Verb: Inflections and Stems
  12. Niphal Verb: I-Nun, I-Yod, III-Aleph, and III-He Forms
  13. Niphal Verb: Geminate and Hollow
  14. Piel Verb: Inflections and Stems
  15. Piel Verb: Inflections and Stems, Hebrew Pausal Forms
  16. Pual Verb: Inflections and Stems, Orthographic Features in the Masoretic Text
  17. Hiphil Verb: Inflections and Stems
  18. Hiphil Verb: III-Guttural and III-Aleph, Numbers and Tens
  19. Hiphil Verb: I-Yod Verbs Containing III-Guttural or III-Aleph, Numbers 11-19
  20. Hiphil Verb: Inflections and Stems for III-He Verbs, Numbers 21-99
  21. Hiphil Inflections and Stems: Hollow and Hollow with III-Guttural and III-Aleph Verbs
  22. Hiphil Inflections and Stems: Geminate Verbs, Idioms
  23. Hophal Verb: Inflections and Stems
  24. Hithpael Verb: Inflections and Stems
  25. Qal Passive Forms, Hithpolel, Polel, and Polal Verbs
  26. Object Suffixes: Second and Third Masculine Singular Perfect Verbs
  27. Object Suffixes: Perfect and Irregular Qal Verbs
  28. Object Suffixes: Imperfect, Imperative, and Infinitive Construct Verbs
  29. Conditional Sentences
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