Cultural focus on physical and environmental geology for nonscience majors; rocks and minerals. Field trips.

Course Details

Partially satisfies the Brigham Young University core Physical Science requirement.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Planet Earth
Lesson 2: Geological Systems
Lesson 3: Minerals
Lesson 4: Igneous Rocks
Lesson 5: Sedimentary Rocks
Lesson 6: Metamorphic Rocks
Lesson 7: Structure of Rock Bodies
Lesson 8: Geologic Time
Lesson 9: Atmosphere/Ocean System
Lesson 10: Weathering
Lesson 11: Slope Systems
Lesson 12: River Systems
Lesson 13: Groundwater Systems
Lesson 14: Glacier Systems
Lesson 15: Shoreline Systems
Lesson 16: Eolian Systems
Lesson 17: Plate Tectonics
Lesson 18: Seismicity and Earth's Interior
Lesson 19: Divergent Plate Boundaries
Lesson 20: Transform Plate Boundaries
Lesson 21: Convergent Plate Boundaries
Lesson 22: Hotspots and Mantle Plumes
Lesson 23: Tectonics and Landscapes
Lesson 24: Earth's Resources
Lesson 25: Other Planets
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