Current scientific evidence demonstrating how lifestyle affects disease processes. Healthy lifestyle concepts specifically needed by wellness professionals, health educators, and health promotion practitioners; influence of unhealthy lifestyle as basis for chronic diseases, i.e., cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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M01: What Is Wellness and Why Is It Important? M02: Epidemiology - The Science of Health M03: Big Picture of Influences on Wellness - Genetics, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Smoking M04: What Physical Activity Will Do For You M05: The Benefits of Nutrition and Diet M06: How to Eat Healthily - Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, etc. M07: Cardiovascular Disease M08: Cancer M09: Hypertension M10: Mental Health M11: Obesity and Weight Loss M12: Weight Maintenance M13: Diabetes and Autoimmune Diseases M14: Habits For A Lifetime M15: The Winds of Change - Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle