Literature written for or read by teenagers.

Course Details

ENGL 251 (Introduction to English Studies) & ENGL 295 (Writing Literary Criticism) or instructor permission.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Understanding Young Adults and Young Adult Literature
Lesson 2: Evaluating and Selecting Young Adult Literature
Lesson 3: Teaching, Using, and Appreciating Young Adult Literature
Lesson 4: Protecting Intellectual Freedom
Lesson 5: Exploring Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Lesson 6: Exploring Adventure, Mystery, and Humor
Lesson 7: Exploring Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
Lesson 8: Exploring Historical Fiction
Lesson 9: Exploring Biography
Lesson 10: Exploring Nonfiction/ Informational Books
Lesson 11: Exploring Poetry, Drama, and Short Stories
Lesson 12: Exploring Other Formats, Comics, Graphic Novels, Picture Books and Magazines
Lesson 13: Course Projects: Portfolio Submission
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Readicide: How schools are killing reading and what you can do about it (Required)
by: K. Gallagher
ISBN: 9781571107800
2009 Stenhouse Publishers
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Tell me: Children, reading, and talk (Required)
by: A. Chambers
ISBN: 9781571100306
1996 Stenhouse Publishers
New: $50.30
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Young adult literature: Exploration, evaluation, and appreciation- 2nd Edition (Required)
by: K. Bucher and K. Hinton
ISBN: 9780137145324
2009 Pearson
New from $49.99
Used from $5.86
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