Representative writers, genres, and literary trends of American literature after 1800.

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Recommended: Introduction to English Studies, American Literary History, and Writing Literary Criticism
Course Outline
Unit 1: Romanticism and the Shaping of an American Identity
Unit 2: American Romanticism/Transcendentalism
Unit 3: The Flowering of American Fiction and Poetry
Unit 4: Pre-Civil War America and “Romantic Realism”
Final Exam Preparation
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Romanticism and Transcendentalism, 1800–1860 (2nd Edition) (Required)
by: Andrew Ladd and Karen Meyers and Jerry Philips
ISBN: 9781604134865
2010 Chelsea House Publications
New: $131.10
The Cambridge Introduction to the Nineteenth-Century American Novel (Required)
by: Gregg Crane
ISBN: 9780521603997
2007 Cambridge University Press
Purchase from: $38.99
The Scarlet Letter (Required)
by: Nathaniel Hawthorne
ISBN: 9781551116365
Purchase from: $14.85
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Used from $6.25
New from $10.25
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