Introduction to layout and typesetting and their place in the publications process; includes graphic design theory, audience analysis, and basic skills with professional desktop publishing application.

Course Details

Students must have access to access to the programs Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. You will need access to a printing center of sorts (like FedEx Office), a way to take photos of your printouts and thumbnails for submission, and somewhere to save your files for the duration of the course. (You will not be able to access them online after submission.)
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Concept
Lesson 2: Preparing to Design
Lesson 3: Creativity
Lesson 4: Design Principles
Lesson 5: Organizing A Design
Lesson 6: Logos
Lesson 7: Attracting Interest
Lesson 8: Critiquing
Lesson 9: Typography
Lesson 10: Flyers
Lesson 11: Unifying Designs
Lesson 12: Color
Lesson 13: Typesetting
Lesson 14: Magazines
Lesson 15: Design Details
Lesson 16: Breaking Rules
Lesson 17: Book Design
Lesson 18: Photoshop Introduction
Lesson 19: Advanced Photoshop
Lesson 20: Final Portfolio
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Non-Designer’s Design Book- 4th Edtiion (Required)
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ISBN: 9780133966152
2014 Peachpit Press
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