Historical and modern roles of mass media in society, emphasizing media effects on individuals and institutions. Students planning to apply to the Communications program at Brigham Young University must have completed this course and received a grade one month prior to the program application deadline. Students should purchase a new textbook bundled with CD for best results.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: Living in the Media World
Lesson 2: Perspectives on Mass Communication
Lesson 3: The Internet and Social Media
Lesson 4: Newspapers
Lesson 5: Magazines
Lesson 6: Books
Lesson 7: Radio
Lesson 8: Sound Recording
Lesson 9: Motion Pictures
Lesson 10: Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, and Internet Television
Lesson 11: News Gathering and Reporting
Lesson 12: Public Relations
Lesson 13: Advertising
Lesson 14: Formal Controls: Laws, Rules, and Regulations
Lesson 15: Ethics and Other Informal Controls
Lesson 16: Social Effects of Mass Communication
Vital Source (eBook) Amazon* Library
The Dynamics of Mass Communication- 12th Edition (Required)
by: Joseph R Dominick
ISBN: 9780073526195
2012 McGraw-Hill
Purchase from: $83.75
Rental from: $52.50
New from $74.77
Used from $9.14
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