Atomic and molecular structure including bonding and periodic properties of the elements; reaction energetics, electrochemistry, acids and bases, inorganic and organic chemistry. Includes an exploratory laboratory component.

Course Details

Primarily for students in engineering and biological sciences.
There are 10 integrated virtual labs in this course:
  • Lab 1:Thomas Cathode Ray Tube Experiment
  • Lab 2: Atomic Emission Spectra
  • Lab 3: Counting Atoms and Molecules
  • Lab 4: Flame Tests for Metals
  • Lab 5: Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds; Writing Balanced Precipitation Reactions
  • Lab 6: Ranking Salt Solutions by pH
  • Lab 7: Endothermic vs. Exothermic
  • Lab 8: Heat of Combustion: Chicken Fat
  • Lab 9: Derivation of the Ideal Gas Law
  • Lab 10: Strong and Weak Electrolytes

Students will need to obtain a scientific calculator and a license to use Smartwork 5. The license can be purchased as a bundle with the textbook or as a separate item.
Math 110 College Algebra (or equivalent) or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Atoms and Models
Lesson 2: Atoms and Moles
Lesson 3: Dimensional Analysis with Atoms and Moles
Lesson 4: Wave and Particle Nature of Light
Lesson 5: Bohr Atomic Model
Lesson 6: Wave Mechanical Atomic Model
Lesson 7: Atomic Electron Configurations
Lesson 8: Electron Configurations and Periodic Trends
Lesson 9: Ionic Compounds vs. Covalent Compounds
Lesson 10: Covalent Bonding and Lewis Structures
Lesson 11: Expanded Octets; Working with Moles and Masses
Lesson 12: Preparing for Macro-Exam 1
Lesson 13: Bond Properties
Lesson 14: Molecular Shapes and Polarity
Lesson 15: Valence Bond Model
Lesson 16: π Bonding
Lesson 17: Molecular Orbital Model, Metallic Bonding
Lesson 18: Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
Lesson 19: Limiting Reactant, Yield
Lesson 20 Aqueous Reactions, Molarity
Lesson 21: Acids, Bases
Lesson 22: pH, Simple Titrations
Lesson 23: Preparing for Macro-Exam 2
Lesson 24: Oxidation-Reduction
Lesson 25: Energy Conservation and Heat
Lesson 26: Driving Forces in Nature: Entropy, Enthalpy
Lesson 27: Hess’s Law, Heats of Formation
Lesson 28: Bonding Energies in Ionic Compounds and Covalent Bond Properties
Lesson 29: Carbon Chemistry I
Lesson 30: Carbon Chemistry II
Lesson 31: Gases and Ideal Gas Law
Lesson 32: Applications of Ideal Gas Law
Lesson 33: Preparing for Macro-Exam 3
Lesson 34: Partial Pressures
Lesson 35: Kinetic Molecular Theory
Lesson 36: Intermolecular Forces
Lesson 37: Liquids and Gases, Phase Equilibria
Lesson 38: Solution Concentration Units, Solubility
Lesson 39: Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium
Lesson 40: Free Energy
Lesson 41: Preparing for the Final Exam
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ISBN: 9780393697353
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